Homes by Design 57.Recycling City Space

★製作: Neil Bregman, Katherine Jeans
★出版:Sound Venture Productions
★索書號:DVD 711.4 R245 2002
★內容:Homes by Design
Homes By Design is a collection of reports and ideas,a panorama of homes and gardens featuring some of the most extraordinary homes and architects from across Canada and around the World.  Discover a wide variety of architectural designs and styles,at the same time acquiring the most up-to-date design,decorating,and revation ideas for your own home.
57.Recycling City Space
As urban land becomes scarcer and more expensive, buildings and spaces previously overlooked are being recycleed for housing. We look at how unusual sites in the inner city are being reclaimed and re-used. We find a unique loft in London, England, reclaimed space in Montreal, and a Vancouver industrial site that have been re-designed as unique living spaces.


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